Data Management Services

Our data processing service ranges from capturing raw data, computer or electronic data processing to conversion & analysis, and presenting them in a visual, tabular or textual format as useful information.

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Embedded System Services

We have a broad base of experience, from simple single-threaded systems to complex multi-threaded systems. We can take your product from specification to prototype to manufacturing quickly and efficiently.

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IT staffing

At Tech Basket Global services , We source in-demand professionals with a record of success and supply them with ongoing training opportunities to keep their knowledge fresh.

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A Little About Us

We have a dedicated team working round the clock, all days of the week. We also have access to efficient professionals with domain specific skills, from our trade associates as per client requirements.

We are committed to building relationships with the right candidates to meet our clients’ needs, and provide our people with excellent benefits.

We offer creative, customized staffing solutions, with stable, secure professionals, experienced in the latest technologies.