Data Management Services

human_resourcesOur data processing service ranges from capturing raw data, computer or electronic data processing to conversion & analysis, and presenting them in a visual, tabular or textual format as useful information. We continuously gather data from some of our customer’s networks and archive data or forward it to data processing partners.Data processing services provide specialized reports from information supplied by clients. Accurate data collection and efficient management methods are required to ensure high-quality data and valid and consistent analyses of trial outcomes Information Management Services.The guide below describes the major areas that researchers are well-advised to consider in preparing a data management plan. Our world-class data-management professionals help our clients maximise the value of their research investment by providing the following services.

Flexible Project Management
Standalone Services
Database Set-up
Data processing/delivery
EDC Training

IT staffing

consultingAt  Tech Basket Global services , We source in-demand professionals with a record of success and supply them with ongoing training opportunities to keep their knowledge fresh.Tech basket Solutions has a large pool of IT resources with diverse skills required to deliver state of the art solutions with greater speed and quality.We understand our customer’s business and IT environment which translates into a better selection of candidates.We provide IT solutions that are flexible, scalable, cost-effective, efficient, and productive. Let us be the clear partner of choice for your IT needs.We’ll search our database for the skills you need, then we’ll screen the best candidates and introduce the top people to you. We understand your requirements and provide the candidates who have the right skills that can transform your business and provide you IT Staffing Solutions fitting to your needs, for consistent growth.

We offer flexible IT Staffing Solutions based on your needs:

Contract Staffing
Permanent Staffing

Embedded System Services

DX86 angledWe have a broad base of experience, from simple single-threaded systems to complex multi-threaded systems. We can take your product from specification to prototype to manufacturing quickly and efficiently.
Tech basket has a huge and active community which has developed many state-of-the-art algorithms and device drivers.Our job is to contribute with solutions that help our customers to accelerate their innovation pace and to be a strategic partner for the development of market leading products.

Embedded System Services Include

Design & Development
Porting and Migration
Bug fixing, Re-engineering and Support
Product Testing
Device driver development
Programming and support on various processors
Analog & Digital Board Schematic Design
Analog & Digital PCBA Layout
Re-engineering, Compliance & Testing
RF Compliant Systems

24/7 Chat & Email support

1-digital-email-500x300The objective of our services is to enhance performance effectiveness and to provide broad based integrated contact center solutions to all businesses. Our support team is available to answer your questions and solve your problems 24/7 via phone.

Build interactive relationships customer support and care
Service fluctuating calls volumes with on demand scalability
Identify callers and route them to the right agents
We provide low cost shared and dedicated live chat agents to interact with visitors on your website. Live chat helps you convert more exisiting visitors on your website into leads and online buyers.

All of our Customer Service Agents are already experienced working in similar environments. All know how to manage sticky customer service challenges – unhappy customers, lost shipments, incomplete or broken merchandize.